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See a wide selection of custom craft New Arrivals books display furniture. Note that acrylic media easel holder are sold separately. Click picture for products detail

Octagon Island Display

8 side display.4 slatwall 4 book shelves. It is a library focus point. Also available in mobile

SKU# 16PMT786-9924SKU

Size 29"Hx48"Wx40"W

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Octagon Tall Tower Mobile Display

58"H Octagon tower has 4 slatwall panel 4 book shelves for display. Check out our different design media holder (sold separately)

SKU# 16PMT788.0934

size 58"Hx30"Dia

Mobile Slatwall Large Book Display Shelf

Mobile large 4 sided display

SKU# 17PMT754-0922

Size appx 38"Hx45"Wx20"D

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Octagon Low Height Mobile Rack

A versatile mobile New Arrival display. 8 side display provide ample display opportunity to attract attention.

SKU# 16PMT787-9547

size 42"Hx30" diameter

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A Frame Island Display

A Frame display rack with 6 shelves

SKU# 16PMT785-0006

size: 54"Hx32"Wx32"D

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Multi-media 4 side Display Tower

Ideal for Paperback, CD, DVD for special interest display. High display capacity depend on size. Also available in mobile unit

SKU# 16PMT774.0457

size: 48"Hx23"Wx23"D

Information Center

Creative kiosk has front & back display. Ideal for New arrivals and information display

SKU# 14PMT474-0535

size 56"Hx24"Wx19"D

Mobile A-Frame Slatwall Display

Compact versatile A frame free standing display unit, also available in mobile unit.

SKU# 16PMT786-0551

size 54"Hx32"Wx32"D

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Mobile Slatwall Rotating Tower

Combines the key elements of mobility, rotating slatwall column and a compact footprint to create a truly versatile display with removable extender.

SKU# PD121-8928E

size 72"Hx18"Wx18"D

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Four Side Slatwall Panel Tower design

4-sided slatwall panel can feature any new arrivals. Patrons can access freely from 4 side.

SKU# 13PMTB688-962

Size 60"Hx24"Wx24"D

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Slatwall Display Cube large

4-sided displays feature new arrivals, popular titles, DVDs and more for patrons to quickly identify and access. Also available in mobile unit

SKU# 16PMT784.3036

Large size 60"Hx 24"Wx24"D

Mobile Slatwall Display Tower Large

Combines the key elements of mobility, 4 sides slatwall face out display and extra book shelves for storage. Small unit 37"H, free standing or mobile

SKU# 5PMTG578-62HM

size 62"Hx24"Wx24"D

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Mobile Dual Slatwall Books Display Shelves

Mobile book shelves with ample display space

SKU# 16PMT788-0920

Size appx 49"Hx35"Wx19"D

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Four Side New Arrivals Compact Display Tower

2-side slatwall 2 side book shelve low height cube displays allow patrons to quickly identify and access. Also available in mobile

SKU# 13PMTB686-60038

Size 42"Hx22"Wx20"D

Mobile Feature Bookshelves

This mobile island display features a combination of shelves and slatwall end panels, encouraging the development of creative displays.

SKU# 16PMT770.6663M

size 60"Hx35"Wx24"D

Mobile Hang Bags Display Shelves

A compact hang bags centre in mobile styles

SKU# 16PMT850-0933

Size appx 48"Hx35"Wx20"D

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4 Way Slatwall New arrivals rack

Patrons can quickly identify and access all display media. Fix bases design. 4 side display

SKU# 13PMTB688.960

Size 54"Hx24"Wx24"D

Two Way Slatwall New Arrivals Display

Patrons can quickly identify and access by both side. Fix bases design. 2 side Display Rack. Also available in mobile

SKU# 5PMTG576-2W

Size 58"Hx24"Wx24"D

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Slatwall H Frame Small Island Display

Compact H island design is ideal for themes display or new arrivals books at high traffic area.

SKU# 16PMT786.3419

Size 54"Hx24"Wx24"D

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Slatwall H Frame Large Island Display

H Island design with large capacity display area.

SKU # 16PMT786.3418

size: 60"Hx35"Wx24"D

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Display Cubes

Custom craft, laminate wood construction. 6 cubes/set

SKU# 16PMT775-9810

size 3 cubes 18"Hx20"Wx20"D.
3 cubes 14"Hx12"Wx12"D

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Rotor Tower Media Display Stand

Display books, CD DVD and other media

SKU# See many design

size appx 57"H

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3-tiers Low Base Display

Call attention to new arrivals and special-interest materials with these attractive multi-tiers displays. Also available in mobile

SKU# 16PMT772.7252

size 38"Hx30"Wx30"D

3-tiers High Base Island Display

Attractive new arrivals multi-tiers displays. 3 levels. Make your display mobile by adding optional casters. High Base 4 direction viewing. Also available in mobile

SKU# 15PMTB657.60228

Size 50"Hx32"Wx32"D

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New Arrivals 3 tiers Large display

3 tiers tower design, large capacity require space planning.

SKU# 16PMT771.3226

Size 42"Hx48"Wx38"D

New Arrivals 3 tiers display

High base tower, 4 side viewing. Easel sold separately. Also available in mobile


size 50"Hx32"Wx32"D

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3 tiers Oval Feature Display

This feature display is sure to capture attention with easy browsability from every angle.Low base.

SKU# 16PMT773.8963

Size: 42"Hx55"Wx40"D

3 tiers Round high base Display

Attractive round design. High Base 4 direction viewing

SKU# 9PMTB873.60136

Size: 57"Hx32"Wx32"D

Plastic End Of Range Books Display Bin

The most creative and easy way to display your new arrivals

SKU # PD135-9783

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Books Magazine Display Rack

Display literature in style on the go

SKU# PD136-6606

Extra Large Double Side Book Browser Rack

Two Tier with Pull Out Drawer

SKU# 16PMT736-4660