Plastic End Of Range Books Display Bin

This display bin make an eye-catching and upscale impression, and help in circulation items.

End of Range Books Display Plastic Bin


PD135-9783 ---- Plastic Display Bin



MOQ: 3

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Products Information:

Draw attention to new arrivals and popular authors.
Save time by keeping the most popular books in plain sight with resilient clear plastic bins.
Unique bin design is supported by 2 steel hangers that wrap around shelf end panel and rest on shelving surface.
A creative and innovative display concept that welcome by many libraries
MOQ=3 for single item purchase
Lead time 1 week
Librarians Choices

Librarian's Tips:

1.) A very unique and creative display idea that convert your end of range panel into new arrivals focus point.

2.) Easy to put on and remove

3.) Must buy