Book Repair Tools

Librarians need the right repair tools to repair and process the books. Useful library repair tools such as Acid free book glue, Trimmer, Non stick scissors, Book Jacket holder, Tape applicator... just to name a few

Acid Free Book Repair Glue

Acid Free book glue for repairs. Flexible and clear. 0.5L. Meet PVA & LBI standard

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Easy Trimmer

Trim paper and book covers to exact position. Portable and full size professional trimmer

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Easy Repair Rubber Band

H style rubber to hold reattached book cover back to a freshly repaired book.(Recommend to Use with book glue.)

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Apply even, firm pressure to laminate surface to secure adhesive with a clean look

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Bone Folders

For tucking, burnishing and folding during books processing

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Absorene Cleaner

Works like a sponge to safely draw out dirt & dust

Book Jacket Cover Roll Dispenser

3 staggered rods accommodate rolls up to 22-1/4"W with a 3/4" or larger core

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Book Cleaner

A safe and effective way to remove marks and soil from the book cover

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Book Jacket Roll Cutter

Accommodates book jacket covers, paper or laminate rolls up to 36"W

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Book Tape Applicator

Applicator dispenses and cuts many types of tape during books repair and reinforcement

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Heavy Duty Stapler

Steeples up to 100 sheets

Multiple Roll Dispensers for Labels or Tape

Accommodate rolls with different core sizes at the same time.

Self Sealing Cutting Mats

Protect table Blade resistant core

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Plastic Label Peeler

Designed to help you remove labels with minimal effort

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X-Acto Knife with 5 Blades

made cutting easy

Non-stick Scissors

No Adhesive Build Up from Cutting Tape and Adhesive Materials.