Book Care and Tape

Books-care made easy. Promatech recommend the Best Book preservation and book repair materials to libraries. See the full range of books tapes and books repair tools.

General Book Repair Tape

Acid-Free general repair tape to mend torn and/or loose pages. Reinforces books hinges.

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Book Spine Repair Tape

Clear acidic free tape to protect book spines from damage. Watch video on product demo

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Book Hinge Repair Tape

Super strong hinge tape to protect, repair and reinforce hinges. Broken Book hinges repair. Watch video on product demo

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Colour Cloth Repair Tape

Repair and reinforce spines with colour coded function.

Colour Coded Paper Tape

Repair and colour code.

Book Repair Tools

Librarians need the right repair tools to repair and process the books.

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Book Processing Package

A ready to go trial pack books processing materials include book covers, trimmer, date due slip & squeegees at budget price

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Basic Book Care Package

A first aid kit for library. All your books repair need are carter for, included different type of repair tape to fix big and small problem

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Book Jacket Tape

Makes Book Jacket processing easy. 2400 pre-cut strips/roll Just peel and apply to secure book jacket

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Easy Corner Repair Tape

Target damaged book corners. 96/pkg. Watch video on product demo

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Easy Hold Repair Tape

Magazine & pamphlet reinforcement. 250/pkg. Watch video on product demo

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Easy Wing Spine Repair Tape

Target damaged book spine edges. 50/pkg. Watch video on product demo

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Filmoplast Paper Mending book Tape

Archives Safe repair tape. For high quality book repair

Easy Trimmer

Trim paper and book covers to exact position.

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Acid Free Book Glue

Acid Free book glue for repairs. Flexible and clear. 0.5L. Meet PVA & LBI standard

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Easy Repair Rubber Band

H style rubber to hold reattached book cover back to a freshly repaired book.(Recommend to Use with book glue.)

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