Study Carrels

Custom design and specification available. Single face, double, quad and hexagon design, stand alone or add on as per your plan . 27"H for young, 29"H for adult

H- style study carrels

provide a private space for working studying and surfing internet. Flexible arrangement, custom size available . MOQ=5 units

Librarian's Choices

Double face Study Carrel

classic design, single side or double side flexible arrangement, high side panel ,custom design available. Librarian's choice

Classic Single Face Study Carrel

High side panel provide a private space for studying, working, surfing, add on unit to form a row either face to face or next to each other Librarian's choices

Quad Study Carrels

4 carrels in a set with small foot print. High side panel provide privacy .Librarian's choice

Study Carrel Single Face w/ Angled Side Pane

Ideal for AV equipment, Notebook or study. Angled side panel provide privacy MOQ=5 units

Hexagon Study Carrel

6 carrels per set , MOQ=2 set Ideal for AV equipment, PC or study. High side panel for privacy Librarian's choice

Zig-Zag Station

Create zig-zag, u-shaped or full circle computer center using these versatile workstation