Classic Design: Laminate Wood Bookshelves

Custom craft design and build laminated wood book shelves to match your library interior. These beautiful book shelves come with different range to match your budget.

Classic Design Laminate Wood Book Shelf

Single ,Double side bookshelves height: 42"H, 60"H, 70"H

Librarian's Choices

Classic Design Laminate Wood with Slatwall End panel

Another level of book shelves to enhance your library looks. Height: 42"H, 60"H, 70"H

Librarian's Choices

Classic Design laminate wood Picture Bookshelves

Flat or slop top provide extra display. Height: 42"H, 60"H

Librarian's Choices

Classic Design Laminate wood single side bookcase

Height: 42"H, 60"H,70"H,78"H

Librarian's Choices

Open Top Design: Laminate Wood Book Shelves

Gives your library a new look! This attractive open top book shelves design come with different height, colour choices and side panel

Open Top Laminate Wood Shelves

Modern design with a different shelf depth height: 60"H,

Librarian's Choices

Open Top Book shelves with Slatwall Panel

with Slatwall display panels provide extra book display

Librarian's Choices

End of range Display Shelves

For new arrival display

Librarian's Choices

Mobile Laminate Wood shelves

Classic or open top design mobile book shelves