Atlas and Dictionary Stand

Provide a convenient place for patrons to review atlases and other large reference books. Choose between fix drawer or pull out drawer design

Atlas Stand with fix shelves

Youth size is 37"H, Adult size 45"H. Standard design with 4 fix shelf

Librarian's Choices

Atlas and Reference Stand with Pull Out Shelf

With pull out shelves. Youth & adult size design

End of Range Dictionary Stand

Compact design for reference or dictionary materials display fix shelves

Librarian's Choices

Youth Atlas Stand with 3 pull out shelves

Wide display table top laminate wood construction

Librarian's Choices

Classic Dictionary Stand with Pull Out Shelf

Laminate wood construction adult size 42"H, pull out shelves

Classic Dictionary stand

Adult size 42"H with 2 fix shelves

Librarian's Choices

Budget Master Dictionary stand

35"H or 42"H at a budget price fix shelves design

Librarian's Choices

B.Line Dictionary stand

Classic design with 2 Fix drawers 44"H

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