Library Facilities

Library Facilities

Every Library need the right tools to run smoothly. Click to see facilities supplies for the library

Book Trolley (Wooden)

Add beauty to your library Laminate wood, solid wood Custom size available

Book Trolley (Steel)

Many design single or double sided, Flat or sloping shelves see more

Book Trolley (End of Range)

Slim profile ideal for end of the range and librarian's desk side

Special Trolley

special design for display, transport of media

Indoor Book Drop

Laminate wood book drop for indoor use. Custom size available

Outdoor Book Drop

Weatherproof steel construction Heavy duty

Book Return Cart

Ideal for collecting books. laminate ply, steel and plastic construction available in soft drop book cart too

Notebook Charging Cart

For 20 notebooks or 20 iPad

Patron Traffic Control

Portable post and rope system keep the crowd in control

Convex Security Mirrors

Improve visibility in hard to see areas

Step Stool

The Librarian's choice

Utility Cart

Small AV cart with or without cabinet.For Librarian's workroom and office

Floor Sign Post

Different design & style to ensure your message got read

Laminate Machine

select machine to laminate from 320mm to 450mm documents. Hot & cold laminate

Safety Ladder

2/3 big steps safety ladder Easy to reach high shelves


Quality heavy duty trimmer professional paper trimming machine

Flip Chart Easel Stand

Paper and white board stand for presentation

Platform Cart

Work horse for books transport and heavy stuff between classroom

Recycle Plastic Bin

In different size and capacity

Security Locker

Secure personal metal locker with lock

Umbrella Stand

Keep 20/40 umbrella during raining day

Storage Cart

Keep tools in proper

Paper Shredder

Cut 13/ 50/ 100 sheets paper

Notebook Charging Tub

NEW Products

Charge 5 to 10 devices, tablet, iPad on the go