Circulation & Security Supplies

The most current yet affordable library check-out products that speed up processing and leave your staff with more time to serve patrons.

Bar Code Scanners

Speedy and accurate scanning of barcode labels
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Labels Printer

Generate Call labels and barcode at desk side. Direct thermal print.

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Date Due Labels

Remind borrowers when to return books. Self-adhesive backing requires no glue.

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Book Pockets

To hold handy information or protect security tags. See also how to uses book pockets for other application

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Circulation Software

Improve productivity with minimal cost. The solution to cataloguing, searching, circulating and reporting. Ideals for small libraries, churches and schools libraries

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Patron's Library Cards

Professional full colour printed card.

Catalog Cards

An economical way to keep track of your collection return date.

Library Stamps

10 different popular library messages to choose from.

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Security Supplies

Radio Frequency (RF) Security Tags

Protect your books and materials from unauthorized removal.

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EM Security Tag Supplies

Electromagnetic (EM) strip protect books from unauthorized removal. For 3M EM gate B1/B2 security tags supplies

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RFID Security Tags

Protect your books and materials from unauthorized removal using this ISO RFID tags

EM Security Strips for CD DVD

Use in Electromagnetic (EM) security gate protected CD/ DVD

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