Patron Traffic Control System

Ideal to control human traffic near circulation counter or check out area. Chrome steel construction queue post with retractable head &.

Retractable Queue Post



Size: 85cm H

Colour: Tape colour Black/ Red/ blue/ yellow/ gray )

MOQ: 2 post

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Retractable Queue Posts
Chrome post 85cmH, with one retractable head, 2 m Long tape included.
(Tape colour: black/Red/ blue/ yellow/ gray, subject to available)
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) =2 post


Queue Post with Rope


6PMTC2C --- Queue Post chrome 80cm H

6PMTC20---Snap on rope 150cm L

Size: 85cm H

MOQ: 2 post 1 rope

Products Information:

Queue Post Stand with Snap on Rope.
Purchase post and ropes separately.
Every 2 post require 1 snap-on rope.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 2 post.
6PMTC2C. Queue post chrome 80cmH 6PMTC2O. Snap-on rope 150cmL ( Red, Blue, green )