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As your library transforms by adding new services and extending your role in the community, Promatech Library Supplies is evolving with you to help provide greater support along the way. Here are some essential products you may like to start with

Library Supplies

Promatech Library Supplies is tailored to provide a complete range of cost-effective library solutions and services for the modern-day Media Resource Centre (Library).

Display Furniture

Display New Arrivals books, Magazine, Multi-media CD/DVD, Newspaper and more. Also available in the slatwall display panel, Exhibit panels, and cabinet

Kids Furniture

These colorful, appealing, interesting furniture helps young patrons access books and materials easily.

Library Facilities

A range of special library facilities that will help you smoothen your operations.These quality products are either custom craft or produce by renowned vendors and used by many libraries internationally.

Books Care Package

Quality books care supplies in package included the essential materials for books repair or circulation.

Library Furniture Package

We have design some popular furniture in package to help you revamp your library

Display Accessories

Small Display Accessories come in handy for librarians to put up their new arrivals, books, media, and posters in fun and attractive way.

Library Furniture

Updating your library space's furnishings and the additional of colour can renew your community's interest in your library.

Library Signage

Poster frame, sign post, custom acrylic insert sign holder etc

Bar Code Label Imprint

Schools library bar code label imprint services

Reading Promotion Gifts

Small gifts items to promote your library activity

Library Decorative Supplies

skill poster, banner, decorative trimmer

Why Choose Us

We are a library centric supplier

We Know the libraries needs better

We work closely with the librarians and person incharge

We listen to your feed back

We help librarians to source the materials they need

We have 20 years experiences working with schools and public libraries