Hang Bag System

Your solution to odd size media display and hard to display materials such as storytelling puppets, toys, odd size books, media, picture books with CD DVD, software program, chart, maps, puzzles and many more in clean and neat way.

Hang Bags Steel Rack

Manaco Big Book Hang Bag Rack

Floor rack can hold appx 20 to 90 bags. 36"H floor standing

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Manaco Table Top Hang Bags Rack

Table top rack can hold up to appx 50 bags, 25Lbs. Two size 13"H & 17"H

Rotating Steel Rack

1~3 tiers rack hold up to appx 144 bags. easy to browse.

Mobile Steel Hanging Bag Rack

Mobile 3 tiers rack hold up to appx 300 bags

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Hang Bags Wooden Rack

Mobile Slatwall 3 Tiers Hang Bag Rack

Hold up to 500 bags. High capacity with movable feature

Librarian's Choices

Wood Hanging Bag Rack

Hold 100 to 180 bags. Averrable in 2 or 3 tiers design appx 38"H to 47"H each

Hang Book Display Shelve

Custom laminate wood construction to match your library ID concept

Deluxe Hang Bags Supplies

Hang Bags

Hang Bags in different size keep books, DVD, video game, chart in organize. Circulation safe

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