Indoor Book Drop

Laminate wood book drop for indoor use. Custom size available.Indoor Book drop can hold up to 150 to 200 books. Mobile or freestanding design with or without a cart

Classic Indoor Book Return

Mobile, capacity 200~250 books

SKU# PB751-000

Librarian's Choices

Classic Indoor Book Return

free Stand. 200~250 books

SKU# PB750-000

Librarian's Choices

House Design Indoor Book Return

Mobile. 150~200 books.

SKU# 13PMTB182.60110

Librarian's Choices

Laminate Book Return

Cushion base without a cart

SKU# PB72562

Indoor Book Return with Cart

Laminate ply construction Cushion bases or depressible cart Librarian's choice

Librarian's Choices

Economical Book Return with Cart complete set

Cushion base cart

SKU# 14PMTB170-915C

Librarian's Choices

Economical Book Return Box

laminate wood construction. Cart not include

SkU# 14PMTB173.390