Labels and Protector

A wide variety of labels and protectors used by library. Protect vital information like barcodes, call labels and spine labels. Including colour coded protectors and subject classification labels

Colour Coding Labels

Tinted Label Protector

18 New colour. Protect and colour code in one step. Just peel and paste over existing spine labels, call labels

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Labels Protector

Lifelong information protection. Easy to apply, long lasting label protection

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Pre Laminate Dot and Star

Coloured dots that will not fall off! Now the colour dot come with build in protector

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Prelaminated Colour Stars

Your colour star will never dry up and drop off again! 17 colour available for wide colour code application

See Thru Circles label

3/4"dia see thru colour dots in 17 colour for colour code

Colour Code Paper Tape

Use to color code files, storage boxes, record books and more

Alpha & Numeric & Monthly Labels

Authors classification for Fiction books and more

Colour Coding Labels

Permanent adhesive glossy paper stock help in colour code

Other Imprint Labels

Bar Code Label

Quality and accuracy. Meets MOE school specifications. Call our label imprint services

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Subject Classification Labels

Organize and manage books effectively. Wide collection of AV labels, circulation labels, classification labels, Genre subject labels. 500 labels/roll.

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Colour Calls & Spine Labels

For spine labels, circulation labels. Paper or Foil backings. Sheet size 8-1/2"x11". 100 sheets/box. Laser or inkjet printer safe.FREE Template Available.Compatible to major library software

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CD Imprint Labels

Prevent unauthorized removal. Custom imprint your school name on this CD label.

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Call & Spine Labels

For spine labels, circulation labels, Paper or Foil backings. Sheet size 8-1/2"x11". 100 sheets/box. laser or inkjet printer safe. FREE Template Available.

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Plastic Label Dispenser

Reduce clutter keep commonly used labels handy

Custom Printed Labels

Print your own message. Your school or library name

Book Plates

Give a thank you to donors! Many Designs Available. Self-adhesive backing