Library Furniture Package Offer

Specially design library furniture package to meet your budget and immediate need to renew looks.

Book Browsing Furniture System Package A

2 large browsing rack and 2 cushion seat

SKU # BB-2BC2S-PackA

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Divider Book Shelves with Cushion Seat Package B

3 book shelves 2 cushion seat


Librarian's Choices

Divider Classic Deluxe Book Shelves with Extra Large Cushion Seat Package C

3 book shelf 4 cushion seat and 1 book drop


Reading Ensemble Package A

Two Book shelves & One cushion Seat Package

SKU # RE-2B1S-PackA

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Classic Laminate Wood Deluxe Book Shelves Package A

package 6 unit book shelves 3 unit cushion seat

Sku# CDLX-6B3S-PackA

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Tri-Wing Reading Ensemble Kit Package C

3 book shelf divider set


Reading Ensemble Library Furniture Package B

Two Book shelves & One cushion Seat Package

SKU # RE-2B1S1K-PackB

Pentagon Design Ottoman Set of 20 units

20 unit ottoman package

SKU # PMT137-2068

Round Design Ottoman Set of 20 Package

20 round design ottoman package

Sku# PMT137-2044

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Cube Design Ottoman Package

20 cube ottoman package

SKU# PMT137-2050

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Rectangle Design Ottoman set of 10 Package

set of 10 seat

SKU # PMT 137-2056

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Swerve Design Ottoman set of 8 Package

set of 8 seat

SKU # PMT137-0865

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