AV Packing Supplies

Add longevity to your DVDs and CDs with durable disc cases. We offer more styles and options than anyone else to meet your needs and budget. Besides case and pouches we offer anti-theft security cases.and repairs tools to help you manage your media resources with ease.

CD and DVD Case

DVD Cases Multi-disc

For 3 to 10 discs worth of storage or more! Polypropylene construction. Full outer sleeve.

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Ultra-Slim Flexible CD/ DVD Cases

Durable flexible case with literature tray and outer sleeve

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CD DVD Storage Binder

Storage for 5–40 discs Polypropylene construction

Economical DVD Cases

Polyduralene™ construction case is durable

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CD DVD Pouch

CD Browser Storage Packs

Compact solution. Requires little space. Safe for circulation and circulation loans.

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CD DVD Sleeve Pouches

Different materials pouches protect and store CD/DVD in small space. Circulation safe

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Tyvek CD Envelopes

Heavy duty construction pocket with flaps keep CD securely in envelope

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Browser Vinyl Disc Pouches

Store 5 browser paks in the space of 1 jewel or DVD case

CD DVD Anti-theft Security supplies

CD DVD Security Cases

Colour coded to indicates if cases are lock (Red) or unlock (Green)

Heavy Duty CD Cases

Storage for 1–2 discs. Clear polypropylene construction

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Indestructible CD Cases

living hinge” construction for smooth opening and closing

Anti-theft DVD Cases

Protect from unauthorized removal. Polyduralene construction. Cap must be removed by detacher, with or without the sleeve.

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Custom Imprint CD Security Label

Library Ownership Round CD Imprinted Labels

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Multi-Media Drawer 4 drawer /Set

Each drawer holds 100 CDs/DVDs in protective pouches (sold separately)

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CD/DVD security cases

1 or 2 discs capacity.Require key dock to open case.

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CD DVD Imprint Labels

Protect your CD DVD using custom imprint label with your library name or security Void labels.

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