Convex Security Mirrors

Improve visibility in hard to see areas

Product Name: Acrylic Security Mirrors


14PMTC775-24 --- 24"dia indoor

14PMTC775-24EC --- 24"dia outdoor

14PMTC775-26 --- 26"dia indoor

14PMTC775-26ET --- 26"dia outdoor

Size: 24"dia cover up to 24'distance (also available in other size)

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Acrylic 24" Dia , Distance cover up to 24

Improve visibility in hard-to-see areas!
•Provide a 160° view
•Durable acrylic materials (12" also available in steel mirror)
•Nontarnishable, metal-like coating
•Hanging hardware included for mounting on the wall ( for indoor installation, outdoor installation hardware sold separately, not include pole & exclude installation)
•Please specify if it is used for outdoor (only for 24" )

Dome Security Mirrors



Size: 24"dia

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

24" Dome mirror, up to 24'

360º Dome
Include assembly directions and hardware for hanging
Provides vision from all angles
Ideal for 4-way intersections