World Of Libraries

If you enjoy visiting the library, you may wonder which library is the oldest in the world, the most beautiful, have largest collection... here are some interesting one you may like to find out more...

The World Oldest Library

Al-Qarawiyyin library in Fez, Morocco, is the world's oldest, continuously running library. It dates back to 859 AD. The library is part of the complex that includes Qarawiyyin Mosque and Qarawiyyin University.

Some may like to included also

1. The Library of Ashurbanipal
2. The Library of Alexandria
3. The Library of Pergamum
4. The Villa of the Papyri
5. The Libraries of Trajan’s Forum
6. The Library of Celsus
7. The Imperial Library of Constantinople
8. The House of Wisdom

The World 10 most beautiful Libraries, do you agree?

Strahov Monastery Library, Prague. ...
Admont Abbey Library, Austria. ...
Tianjin Binhai Library, China. ...
Stockholm Public Library, Sweden. ...
The Library of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. ...
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt. ...
Biblioteca Vasconcelos, Mexico. ...
Tama Art University Library, Japan.

The world largest collection public Libraries

The Library of Congress, founded in 1800, is a book lover's dream. With 164 million items and 1,350 kilometers of bookshelves, it's the world's largest library.

Other larger libraries included:
1. British Library – London, United Kingdom
2. Library of Congress- Washington DC, USA
3. Shanghai Library- Shanghai, China
4. New York Public Library- New York, United States
5. Library and Archives Canada- Ottawa, Canada

Yusuhara Town Library

This may be the most beautiful library in the world
Yusuhara is a town of a few thousand people, However, the town is in a class apart, as it is home to six buildings designed by the world-famous architect Kengo Kuma, who also designed the stadium for the 2020 Olympics.
The Kumo-no-ue Library or “library above the clouds” is perhaps the most magical and envy-inducing for book lovers. The structure was built in 2018, and you can still smell the soothing scent of it many cedar beams. The airy library is open to book-lovers and visitors, and each surface seems to glow with polish. The ceiling is constructed to resemble an upside down forest, with countless beams that cross and re-cross, creating layers of light and shadow.

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Library of Celsus

The Library of Celsus is an ancient Roman building in Ephesus, Anatolia, today located nearby the modern town of Selçuk, in the İzmir Province of western Turkey. The building was commissioned in the years 110s CE by a consul of the Roman Empire, Tiberius Julius Aquila Polemaeanus, as a funerary monument for his father Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, former proconsul of Asia, and completed during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, sometime after Aquila's death. (read more from Wikipedia ).......

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