Colour Tinted Label Protector

Protect spine labels and colour code at the same time. One of our quality supplies that librarians love to uses. 18 tinted colours to classify your books, files, documents, patron records etc.

Colour Tinted Label Protector


PD805384 ---7/8"x1-1/4", 250 labels/roll (2.2cmx3.2cm)

PD805385 ---1"x3", 250 labels/roll

PD805386 ---7/8"x2-3/8", 250 labels/roll. Popular size, quick ship

PD805387 ---1-1/4"x3-1/8", 250 labels/roll

PD805388 ---1-1/2"x2", 250 labels/roll

PD805389 ---2"x3", 250 labels/roll

PD809791 ----1-1/2"x3-1/4", 250 labels/roll

Size:see above

Colour:specify when order

MOQ: 5 rolls

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Wording of the label is visible after applying the tinted label
2 mil polyester,
Color is resistant to scratching and fading
Pressure-sensitive adhesive secures tightly
Handy dispenser box speeds processing
Lead Time 2 weeks
MOQ=5 for single item purchase
Specify colour when you order

18 Colour: Blue, Copper, Gray, Green, light Blue, Light Green, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow.
New Colour: Aqua, Burgundy, Fl Green, Fl Pink, Pale Yellow, Tan

Protect and colour code your books In just one step

Librarian's Tips:

1.) A must have supplies for colour code
2.) Easy to apply, doing 2 jobs (protect and colour code) in 1 action
3.) Colour code helps to spot wrong-shelved book

Click and Download Colour Tinted Labels Brochure Here

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