Secure Gard Magazine Covers

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Secure Gard™ Magazine Covers with Locks


PD807156----10-5/8"Hx8"W cover up to 11.5"magazine

PD852260----11-3/4"Hx9"W cover up to 12-5/8"magazine

PD852270----13"Hx10"W cover up to 13-7/8"magazine


Colour: select

MOQ: 12

Librarian's Choice

Products Information:

Flexible Magazine Covers
Most secure locking hardware on the market
Foam spine insert keeps smaller magazines from sliding
40 mil vinyl
Front cover is clear with a gloss finish
Colorful back cover and spine have a grained surface
Colour: Black, bule, red
Lead time 2 weeks
MOQ=12 per size per colour