Library Theme Poster

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SKU# PD131-0091 ---- "The Many Faces Of The Library "


SKU# PMT-001 ---- "Challenge Your Mind" Poster


SKU# PD131-4187---- "Reading...Exercise" Poster

Size: 19"x13.5"

SKU# PMT-005 ---- "Listen Up' poster

size: 19"x13.5"

SKU# PD137-0873 ---- "Create " poster

Size : 23"x17"

SKU# PD131-4182 ---- "The Best Computer is Between Your Ear " Poster


SKU# PD137-2177 ---- "Retro Genre Mini Poster set 10/set" poster

Size : 8.5"x11" each

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SKU# PD136-3600 --- "Favorite Genres Mini Poster set 9/set"

size 8.5"x11" each

Librarians Choices

SKU# PD135-6372 ---- " Halloween Poem " poster

Size : 23"x17"

SKU# PD137-8337---- "In the library you can be... " Poster


SKU# PD137-3997 ---- "Love to read " poster

Size : 23"x17" each

SKU# PD138-4827 --- "Dewey Mini Poster set 12/set"

size 18.5"x9.25" each

Librarians Choices