Kaplam Acid-free Non Yellowing Laminating Roll

Acid-free 120 micron thick non yellowing durable laminating rolls with delay-action bonding will protect your books for many years of circulation

Kaplam Acid-free Laminating Roll



Colour: clear

MOQ: 3 rolls

Please use Filmolux or CircExtender laminate roll if you need other size

Products Information:

Acid-free Non-yellowing Laminating Roll
120 micron Vinyl clear gloss film
Also available in 75 micron polypropylene
Transparent, non-yellowing, acid-free adhesive
Backslit score make liner easy to remove
Designed to protect paperbacks, pamphlets and more
Release liner with printed grid ensures accurate cutting
Repositionable, delayed-action adhesive bonds permanently in 1 hours
Lead Time quick ship or 2 weeks
MOQ=3 rolls for single item purchase

Watch product demo video to see how easy it can be done

Librarian's Tips:

1.) Acid free non yellowing laminate cover
2.) Good for soft cover and hard cover books