Easy Repair Rubber Band

Help to fix back the loss cover after applying book glue

H Style Rubber Bands


EZBAND-4 --- 4" H-style rubber bands, 50/box

EZBAND-8--- 8" H-style rubber bands, 50/box

Size:4"and 8"


MOQ: 2 boxes

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Specialty H-Style Rubber Bands for Aid in Book Repair. Eliminate Weighing Down Books After Applying Repair Glue. Wrap One or Two Bands Around the Book to Create Even Pressure on the Spine.
Available in 4" and 8" Bands
in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green (supply with stock available colour only)
Quick ship
MOQ=2 boxes for single item purchase

Librarian's Tips:

Very useful to attached book cover back to its original after glue