Easy Cover Book Cover

Convert paper back or soft-cover books into hard-cover to extend the circulation life and save cost.To help library buy more soft-cover copy at lower price now and maximize your library budget

Convert your softcover books into hard cover and save cost. watch product demo to see how easy it can be done

Easy Cover II book cover


EF7550 ---17.8cmx10.8cm, 100 pair/box

EF0820---21.0cmx25.4cm, 100 pair/box

EF8585---21.6cmx14.6cm, 100 pair/box

EF9595---24.1cmx16.5cm, 100 pair/box

EF1005---26.7cm x19.1cm, 100 pair/box

EF1212---30.5cm x22.9cm, 100 pair/box

EF1250---32.1cm x25.4cm, 100 pair/box

EF1313---33.0cm x27.9cm, 100 pair/box

EF1575----40.0cm x35.6cm ,100 pair/box

EF1720---50.8cm x38.1cm, 100 pair /box

Colour: Clear

MOQ: 100 pair/box

Librarian's Choice

Products Information:

Hardback quality for softcover books
15-mil clear rigid polyester covers with
Acid-free non-yellowing permanent adhesive
Book cover will not crack or dry out
2-mil spine protection
Extends circulation life at least five times
100 pair (front & back cover per pair) per box.
Watch product demo video
Quick ship
MOQ= 1 box (100 pair) for single item purchase

Librarian's Tips:

1.) Covert your soft-cover books into hard-copy and save cost
2.) Watch product demo video or contact Promatech if you need further assistance.

What the teacher librarian say about this product:

...hard cover version is more expensive than the soft cover, converting soft cover book into hardcover can save a lot of money, I uses the saving to buy more books for my library....