Cutting Mats

Provide a safe working tools for librarians

Self Sealing Cutting Mats



Size: 12"x18"or other size

Colour:Blue/ green

MOQ: 4

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Protect table
Blade resistant core
Won't dull knives or cutting tools
Preprinted grid line
Size approx 12"x18"
, green or blue colour subject to availability
Quick ship
MOQ=4 for single item purchase

X-Acto Knife with 5 Blades


PD163-3400---- Knife with 5 blades


MOQ: 3

Products Information:

X-ACTO® Knife with 5 Blades
•Lightweight aluminum handle
•No. 11 steel blades
•Extra blades included
X-ACTO Steel Knife w/5 Blades
Lead time 2 week
MOQ=3 for single item purchase