Books Glue

Acid-free general purpose book repair glue

Acid Free Book Glue


KB 016 --- Acid-Free Book Glue

KB/ 016/3 --- 3 Acid-Free Book Glue in a pack

Size: 16oz

MOQ: 3/pack

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Products Information:

Repair and Reinforce Damaged Spines and Loose Pages.
For Hardback and Paperback Books.
Formulated from Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) to Meet LBI Materials Standard (Section 17.2).
Acid-Free General Purpose Book Repair Glue
Dries to a Clear, Flexible and Permanent Bond
Resists Solvents, Heat and Water
Free Syringe with a 16 oz. Bottle Purchase
MOQ=3 for single item purchase

Librarian's Tips:

A must have for all books repair job