Book Sterilizer Machine

This book sterilizer is using UVC (253.7nm) to sterilize the pathogenic microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and allergens etc. inhibiting on books. The sterilization rate can achieve above 99.9% within only 60 seconds. Sterilize 3/4/6 books depend on model.

Model EBS301

Product Name: Book Sterilizer Machine EBS model


EBS301 --- Up to 3 books

EBS401 --- Up to 4 books

EBS601 ---- Up to 6 books

Size: 660x520x1470mm

Watch Book Sterilizer machine work

Products Information:

The Main Feature :
5.1"LCD display screen

The machine has below strengths:
1.) Proved 99.99% sterilization of Human Coronavirus in 1 minute

2.)Low noise
Dual aluminium cavity reduces the running noise to less than 50dB

3.)Internal air circulation system
Preventing the pollution brought by the air outside. Accordingly, the lifespan of filters will be extended.

4.)Tempered glass window
Prevent the penetration of UV-C and protect user's safety

5.)Safety protection sensor
The sensor can force the UVC lamps to go off immediately once the door of sterilization chamber is opened.

6.) Functional screen
The instantaneous state of the machine is obtainable-remaining time for present sterilization, usage times and accumulative service time.

7.) Adjustable of sterilization time
It is suggested to set the sterilization time at 60s and it can be adjusted by 10s

Model LBS301

Product Name: Book Sterilizer Machine LBS models


LBS301 ----Up to 3 books

LBS601 ----- Up to 6 books

LBS301 Size: 650x520x1470mm

LBS601 Size: 650x620x1470mm

Products Information:

1) 9.7-Inch advertising display
The advertising display can be applied to broadcast the news, pictures and videos for libraries

2) 5.1-Inch functional display
Showing the usage status of the machine

3) Digital touch start button
The sterilization process can be initiated by a light touch

4) Anti-UV tempered glass & Visual window
It is resistant to external forces and the radiation of UV-C light will be blocked. Users can directly observe the sterilizing process and the consciousness of cherishing books will be cultivated

5) Semi-automatic book-shelf
The design of the semi-automatic longitudinal book-shelf enables the easy fixation of books differ in thickness

6) UV-C lamp
The power of the UV-C lamp is 10 W. (Different models vary in the quantity of UV-C lamps)

7) Sensor
Once the chamber door is opened during sterilizing process, the UV-C lamps will automatically turn off

8) Machine room
Main board, fan, filter, etc.

9) Moving wheel
The moving wheel can be fixed by rotating after installation