Book's Hinge Repair Tape

Reinforce, repair and reattach back broken book hinge, very strong and durable

Book Hinge Repair Tape



Size: 3.2cm x30.5m

Colour: Opaque

MOQ: 5 rolls

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

Books Hinge Repair Tape for soft and hardcover books
High-Tack Tyvek® Adhesive Tape.
Exclusive 1/8" Peel 'n Place® Centering Strip.
White Opaque Tape Covers Old Repairs.
Reinforce Hinges
Reattach Book Block to Cover
Hide Security Strips
7 mil Thickness
Quick ship

Librarian's Tips

1).A must have repair tape for all libraries
2). Super strong tape with Peel'n Place design ensure accurate and no repeating repair
3). 2 in 1 function, hide EM security strip and re-inforce the hinge

Common mistake made during book repair

1) Use normal acid base tape to repair, result will be turn yellow and brittle very soon