Books Cleaner

Gives your books a fresh looks, clean them up using proper book safe cleaner!

Absorene Cleaner


PD203-3328 ---- Absorene Cleaner 15 Ounce

Size:15 oz

MOQ: 3

Products Information:

Works like a sponge to safely draw out dirt & dust
Use on books, papers, manuscripts, prints,
Oil paintings, books & tapestries
Absorene Book & Paper Cleaner 15 Ounce
Lead time 2 weeks
MOQ=3 for single item purchase

Book Cleaner


PD167-8910 ---- Book Cleaner Pint (0.5 little)

PD167-8920 ---- Book Cleaner Quart (1 little)

PD167-8930 ---- Book Cleaner Gallon (4 little)

PD162-9190 ---- Soft Paste Cloth 20/pack

MOQ: 1

Librarian's Choices

Products Information:

A safe and effective way to remove marks and soil from the book cover
Average pH 10.5, dissolve in hot water,
Apply with soft paste cloth, & wipe immediately with a dry cloth
Book Cleaner Pint (also in Quart, gallon size)
Product use by professional preservation work
Lead time 2 weeks
1 Gallon=2 Quart=4 Pint
MOQ=3 for single item purchase

Librarian's Tips

A quick way to gives your books a fresh looks

Book Dry Cleaning Sponge


PD201-2280 ---- Dry Cleaning Sponges


MOQ: 5

Products Information:

Dry process for drawing dust and dirt from surfaces
Nongreasy, nontoxic and leave no residue
Use on television and computer screens, walls, blinds, lamp shades, fan blades, air ducts and more
Made of vulcanized natural rubber
Size 6"x3"x3/4"
Lead time 2 weeks
MOQ=5 for single item purchase. (or purchase together with Absorene books Cleaner to meet minimum value)