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Librarian Tips
How to select a right book trolley for your library?
Product Detail:
Here are some good
Librarian's choices book trucks
Light duty book truck is a user
friendly book truck with accent ribs
panel to reduces noise 

Scoot double /single side book truck
is a high capacity work horse

LibraryQuiet book truck is 
a Librarian's choice for its durability
and quietness. Available in single
and double side
Sandusky Book truck 3 flat
shelves is librarian's choice

Sandusky end of range book trolley
is a Librarian's Choices with good value


How To Select a right book truck for your library?

Since their creation, book trucks (or some call it book trolley, book cart) have been the workhorses of the library. This fact hasn't been change and in fact, these days you can choose a wide variety of book trucks with great options, here we will shows you how:

  • Do you need a book truck to transport a lot of books each time? If yes, select the book truck with right load capacity. 150 to 200 lbs per shelf is standard load capacity for steel truck.
  • or are you looking for a desk side book truck for cataloging and book processing? if yes, look for light duty or desk side model, their shelf load is normally 125 lbs.
  • Is the transportation distance a concern to you? if yes, consider LibraryQuiet book truck with 4 to 5" caster
  • Steel book trucks are commonly use. Power coat finish are subject to scratch and den but generally it does not affect the book truck performance
  • Wood construct book trucks are getting popular as it can match with the library Interior by select the matching laminate colour.
  • Solid wood book truck is a good choices if budget allow.
  • Book truck's wheels is an important mechanical part worth to pay attention to. 4" to 5" swivel wheels or dual wheels are ideal.
Shelf Configuration
  • Slopping shelves are easier to arrange books up right with angle
  • Flat shelves is ideal to transport bulky and bigger items
  • Consider the shelf clearance if you often deal with big books like picture books, atlas etc
  • Consider 6 slopping when you have more books to transport each time, or you need to separate books by different subjects when you do shelving.
  • Consider End of range book truck if you are looking for high light your new collection
  • Narrow Wood book truck is also ideal for new arrivals display
Colour choices:
  • Promatech have the wider range of colour book trucks.
  • Freshen up your library by adding a dash of colour with our modern book trucks. Many of our customers using them for department based colour coding, mobile display or temporary storage 
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Here are some
Librarian's Choices Book Trucks
Economical Work Horse in 3 or 6 slopping,Very attractive price
New design and colour
Laminate wood book trucks are getting popular, select your colour to match your library ID
Bretford desk side book truck is a light duty function cart, high clearance
Narrow End of range wood book truck is available in custom size


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