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Librarian Tips
How to Create a successful library sign system
Product Detail:
Suggest sign to use:
Library Custom vinyl Signage
(For information or directional)
Classic End Range sign holder
( information on shelf collection
changeable insert label )
Library Dewey Classification sign
( Dewey sign , shelf collection) 
Library Engraved sign
(For information, regulatory ,rules
custom design available)
Open & Close glass mount sign
(Information sign )
Beveled edges aluminum sign holder
(for room, door , wall mount )

How To create a successful library sign system

Assessing Your Signage:
If patrons are consistently asking for directions, or leaving your library empty handed after a visit, there's a good chance your signage needs a face lift.
Why you should spend time to review your Library signage system ?
Patrons who can easily navigate your library will use more of your services and increase your circulation. Useful and timely information also create a positive and productive experience.
Areas where signs are need and type of signage to use
1.) Exterior Signage : 
     * Library identification sign
     * Directional  sign
     * Regulatory sign
2.) Interior way finding
     * Main Directory
     * Directional
     * Identification (Areas, stacks, room, etc)
3.) Informational
     * Hours and events
     * Policies
     * Instructions
4.) Other
     * Photocopier & Equipment
     * Regulatory
     * Collateral (temporary programs etc)
Tips to create a successful Library sign
1.) Be Creative
     Think about your use of materials, graphics, colour, shapes and size,   and where you place the sign.
2.) Less is More
     Too many signs, or sings that take too long to read are no good.
      Place in depth signage only at waiting area
3.) Keep it Readable
     Avoid jargon.
     Select appropriate text size, clean fonts
     Short message is good
     keep sign in visitor sightlines
4.) Be Consistent
     Maintain a constant look and feel
     Keep wording consistent throughout your building if possible
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Sign Holder Frame
(for information, regulatory, identification ) 
Shelf Marker & Labels
(Manage shelf and keep patron aware) 
Floor Sign Stand
(temporary or event message)  
Shelves Label holder
(information about collection )
Message Bulletin Board


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