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Product Detail:
Product Picture:

We recommend label protector in a roll.
Librarians Feedback:
" I will never use a normal tape to protect my call labels and bar code because it turn yellow and dry up. These acid free label protector stick very well and they scan well, great product." 
" I can easily browse the shelves and locate books which not belong to the shelving now, I recommend this wonderful products"
 ..... Librarians feedback after using colour tinted labels protector
A). What The Label Protector Do For You ?

Label protectors are essential part of material processing, using them will :
 *  Extend the life of labels ( eg: bar code, spine, call, subject labels...)
 *  Guard labels from marks and dirt to ensure readability.
 *  Create a barrier from moisture and the elements
 *  Keep labels in place eliminating lifting and peeling
 *  Protect bar code from constantly scanned.
B). Types of Materials

Polyester provides an attractive, crystal clear, glossy finish, it is ideal material for bar code labels as it maintains an accurate, sharp image for scanning. See our Label Protector
Colourd Tinted Polyester same as above, tinted for colour coding. Click right picture to see more Tinted labels 
Vinyl: is strong, soft and conformable with a matte finish. Not as elastic as polyethylene. May become brittle in extreme UV lighting
Polyethylene: Conformable yet durable. Abrasion resistant. Glossy surface, good readability. UV resistance , will not yellow with age.
Polypropylene: Very durable. Glossy surface. Scratch resistant for exceptional clarity. Strong permanent adhesive. Not UV resistant.
C). Various Styles:
 * Pre cut size Individual protectors on liners scored at the center. 
 * In Dispenser Boxes
 * In sheet format
 * Continuous un cut roll
C). How to Apply

Choose a protector size that will overlap the label by at least 1/8" on the top and bottom and overlap the sides by at least 1/2". Apply to clean dry surface and burnish the entire label protector down.
Promatech Recommendation:
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Bar Code Label Protector

Colour tinted Label protector

Call labels in sheet. Template provided


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