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Product Detail:
Variety of Labels Promatech 
recommend: (Click to link)

1.) Label Protectors: protect spine label, 
call labels, bar code labels etc.

2.) Processing labels : for call label, 
spine labels and any informative labels

3.) Bar code label imprint: accurate 
and high density imprint 


What's in a Labels?

Although small in stature, labels go a long way in helping your library run smoothly.

Proper and clear identification is important during a patron's search, as well as when your staff is reshelving or providing assistance to visitors.

Label durability is a quality that cannot be compromised. Your time is valuable, and you need to spend it delivering services to patrons-- not re-applying new label protection.

Promatech offers a wide variety of labels and labels protectors. These products save you time and money. We have everything you need for identification, bar codeing, security and colour coding.

Protect & Prolong Label Life

* Ensure label readability

* Create a barrier from the elements

* Eliminate label peeling

* guard against makes and dirt

Promatech Recommendation:

4.) Circulation Labels

5.) Classification Labels

6.) AV custom imprint labels

7.) Colour Code labels

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