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We recommend Kaplam laminating roll.
  • Acid- free non-yellowing adhesive
  • Goof proof with delayed bond
  • Backslit score makes liner easy to remove
  • Many size for big format laminate
  • 4 mil durable

How To Select Laminating Roll

A) Select a laminate Material

*  Polypropylene is chemical stable film that contain no plasticizers. Retains natural flexibility, resist stains and green.

*  Vinyl is more resistant to tearing and contains plasticizers for good flexibility. Anti blocking agent prevent sticking to other covered items.

*  Polyolefin is an improved vinyl material that is more flexible to use. Non yellowing, matte film that remove cleanly leaving no adhesive residue behind.
B) Select Gloss or Matt finish

   * Gloss is clear, transparent film that gives items shiny new look, allow graphic and colour to boldly show through.
    * Matte offer non reflective appearance and reduces glare.

C) Select film thickness

* 2.5 to 3.5 mil is an economical film, thin and conformable, ideal for spine & hinges protection>
* 4 to 5 mil is good for all purpose film to handle a variety of laminate needs.

* 5.5 to 10 mil : Ideal for items need additional protection

D) Select Roll length


200" for low volume usage, 400" is popular size, 600" for hight volume.
E) Select Roll width

From 8" to 24", depend on usage, large roll width can cut into smaller size.
So, which laminate film to select ? 

we recommend KapLam to start 

Promatech Recommendation:

Kaplam Laminate Roll


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