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How to apply Easy Bind Tyvek Hinge Book Repair Tape
This video show you how to use Easy Bind Tyvek Hinge Repair Tape.
Tyvek tape is a super strong book repair tape with patented 0.32cm Peel'n Place centering strip. White opaque tape cover up old repair.
Use in
- Reinforce Hinnges
- Reattach book block to cover
- Hide security strips
- 210 microns thickness

How to apply Easy Bind General Book Repair Tape
This video show you how to use Easy Bind General Book Repair Tape to
- Reinforce Book hinges
- Mend torn pages
- Affix loose pages
Easy Bind Book Repair Tape can
- add more spine in magazine spines
- repair documents, photo, drawings..etc
Easy Bind Repair Tape is acid free, easy to use all purpose mending tape. Polyester material with exclusive 0.32cm Peel'n Place centering strip design
Two size
EB0125    3.2cmx30.5m
EB0250    6.4cmx30.5m

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