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Watch how to apply Easy Cover II book cover
This video show you how to use Easy Cover II to turn a paper backs (soft cover books) into Hardbacks within second! It not only stretch the life of paperback at least 5 times longer, based on today's prices you'll buy, cover and reinforce 5 paperbacks for about a third the cost of purchasing 5 hardbacks!
Easy Cover II come in 10 popular size
Pack 100 pair of cover /box
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How to apply Polycover Book Cover
Affordable protection for mass market books.
Top quality 60 micron Polyester material is clear, non acidic, non yellowing permanent adhesive.
Easy to apply with center score design.
Protect again marks, spills and other damage.

For both paper back books, hard cover books.
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Watch How to apply Book Jacket Book Cover
Book Jacket Covers
Book jacket covers on a roll are available with paper backing center slit style, opens from the center to encase the book jacket in between. adjust easily to fit any size. Reduce your inventory with this economical ,esy to use book jacket covers.
  • 1.5mil clear polyester film
  • paper backing for added support
  • 300ft (91.4m)  long rolls availble in 6 different size
  • acid free materials for long lasting protection
  • adjustable to fit any book jacket size
  • cut to any length to reduce waste
  • dispensing box included

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