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Exhibit Display Cabinet 
 Artefact Display case with Table base


Product Detail:


Black Classic with flat glass case Black classic with angled cases      
Product Name: Artefact Exhibit Case with Black Classic Table base 
Order Information:
45"H Black classic with flat glass case 12"Hx40"Wx20"D  
43"H Black classic  w/angled case 12"Hx40"Wx20"D  
Picture for illustration only
Standard is Acrylic case ( glass case optional)
Custom design & size available
Product Detail:
Laminate wood construction table with a plastic case on top.Media holder sold separately
• Quality construct table in laminated wood
• A clear acrylic case is attached to the top with removable screw or lock to provide security.
• Acrylic cases come in 3 height selection. Custom size available.
• Clean the acrylic cube with a gentle cleaner, free of alcohol, ammonia or abrasive.
• Glass case available upon request at a different price
Colour: Laminate colour of choice



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