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STEM activity kits
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Product Detail:

Product Name: Crazy Contraptions Activity pack
Product Detail

Crazy Contraptions Activity 10/Packs

Engage students in the thought-provoking design and construction of their own Rube Goldberg-style mechanism. The comprehensive Activity Guide will help conceptualize, understand and apply both simple and complex machines. Requires a 12" x 12" wood base with drilled holes (sold separately).
For ages 9+ with adult supervision

Activities guide/ video guide available


Product Name: Yeast Mobile Activity kits
Stock# PD137-3672
Product Detail:

Yeast Mobile Kit

How does yeast power a mobile? With the power of pressurized carbon dioxide of course! Mobiles then transfer mechanical advantages with links, gears and more. When the yeast is done, the fun isn’t over — mobiles can become rubber band racers or other contraptions.
For ages 9+ with adult supervision.
Activities guide/ video guide available




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