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Repair and Reinforce Damaged
Spines and Loose Pages.
For Hardback and Paperback Books.
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Product Name: Acid-Free Book Glue
Order Information
Stock #
Description /size
16 oz (0.5L)  Bottle, 3/pack
come with a syringe while stock last

Packaging: 16 oz Bottle. 3/pack
Ship by : Local/courier
Specify colour: white/ Dry become transparent
Minimum order Qty (MOQ):
3 bottle/pack for a single order, or
Buy it with other supplies items to meet MOV requirement

What others say about this product:

" A must-have book repair supplies for all library"  
.... from a local international school's librarian
Tips: You may also need following products


Easy Band 
Use this 4" or 8" H style rubber band to reinforce and reattached the cover after glue. 
Glue Brushes
evenly apply book glue on larger damage area
Mending Sticks

Part# PD167-0920
50/pack. Help to apply book glue in hard to reach the corner

Tyvek Hinge Repair Tape
To reattached, reinforce book hinges.
Very strong tape. Ensure no repeat repair needed
Librarian's Choice

Product Detail: 
Repair and Reinforce Damaged Spines and Loose Pages.
For Hardback and Paperback Books 
Formulated form polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) to meet LBI materials standard (section 17.2)  
  • Acid-Free General Purpose Book Repair Glue
  • Dries to a Clear, Flexible and Permanent Bond
  • Resists Solvents, Heat and Water
  • Free Syringe with a 16 oz. Bottle Purchase

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