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  • Exact, Straight 14" Cuts Even Along Narrow Edges
    Librarian's Choice
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    Product Name:  Easy Trimmer
    Order Information
    Stock #
    Description /size
    Safety Trimmer
    Replacement Blades, 5/pack
    Ship by : Local/courier
    Specify colour: Gray 
    Minimum order Qty (MOQ): 1 unit

    Easy Trimmer is very handy and cut accurately to the book cover size you want.
    A must-have tool during the books processing

    What others say about this product:

    " .. What I like about this trimmer is it cut accurately on the line I wanted it to be. It is better than many other expensive big trimmers I use before !" 

    ......... Librarian user
    Tips: You may also need following products

    Extra blades 
    To replace the old blades of Easy Trimmer.
    Easy Cover II
    A self-adhesive book cover that converts the soft cover book into hardcover and prolongs life in an economical way. Use
    Easy Trimmer to trim the book cover into book size
    Watch the product Demo video or contact Promatech for products demo

    Protect your hardcover and softcover books using this acid-free non-yellowing book cover. 
    Easy Trimmer can cut Polycover to exact book size, Easy to apply.

    watch product demo video 

    Product Detail:

    Lighter and Handier to Use than a Full-Size Cutter.
    Ideal for Trimming Easy Cover® Book Covers to Size.
    • Exact, Straight 14" Cuts Even Along Narrow Edges
    • Uses Standard Single Edge Razor Blades
    • Blade Retracts When Not in Use for Safety
    • Light-Weight

    Replacement Blades Available - 5 Blades per Package.

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