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Promotion Gift - Bentcils

Uses Bentcils as reading motivation, gifts and fundraisers, available in colours shown.
Mix and match designs for price breaks. 10/pkg.

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I love reading
Stock # P127-6446
Colour: Red
Pack: 10/pkg

 Caution: Reader at work
Stock # P127-6448
Colour: Yellow
Pack: 10/pkg

Get wrapped up in a good book
Stock # P127-6453
Colour: Brown
Pack: 10/pkg

Go Bananas for books
Stock # P122-6746
Colour: Yellow
Pack: 10/pkg

Sink your teeth into reading
Stock # P127-6452
Colour: Silver
Pack: 10/pkg

Reading is great in my book
Stock # P135-8927
Colour: Purple
Pack: 10/pkg

Books are cool
Stock # P135-8928
Colour: Black
Pack: 10/pkg

Ice Cream for books
Stock # P127-6454
Colour: white
Pack: 10/pkg

I Flip for books
Stock # P135-8929
Colour: Blue
Pack: 10/pkg

#1 reader
Stock # P127-6447
Colour: Blue
Pack: 10/pkg

Books are Dino-mite
Stock # P135-8930
Colour: Green
Pack: 10/pkg

Star Reader
Stock # P127-6445
Colour: Gold
Pack: 10/pkg

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