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store up to 13 CD in one case
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Product Name:  DVD Spindle Album
Order Information
Stock #
Description /size
store 1 to 13 disc
Packaging:  10/box
Ship by : Local/courier
Specify colour: White
Minimum order Qty (MOQ): 30 cases
Ideal for bulk storage
Tips: You may also need following products

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CD Imprint label keep away from unauthorized removable. 
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The security tag for CD/DVD
RF, EM or RFID security tags
Product Detail:

    • Storage for 1–13 discs
    • Durable Vinyl construction
    • Stack discs in hubless well to keep secure and in order
    • Snap closure seals out dust
    • Simply close case to put discs back on spindle
    • Full outer sleeve to display information & insert
    • White

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