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AV Packaging Supplies
Add longevity to your DVDs and CDs with durable disc cases.
We offer more styles and options than anyone else to meet your needs and budget--including security cases.

DVD Cases
For 3 to 10 discs worth of storage or more!
Polypropylene construction.
Full outer sleeve.

DVD Colour Cases
Polyduralene construction , full outer sleeve.
Single disc case. Available in Blue & Red.

CD DVD Imprint Labels
Protect your CD DVD using custom
imprint label with your library name
or security Void labels .
Librarian's choices

DVD Spindle Albums
Storage of 1 to 13 discs. Vinyl construction.
Stack discs and keep them secure.

Security DVD Cases
Protect from unauthorized removal.
Polyduralene construction. Cap must be
removed by detacher, with or without sleeve. Librarian's Choices

Heavy Duty CD Cases
Polypropylene construction. 1~2 discs.
Easy to use, holds literature inside.

C-shell CD/DVD Cases
Economical solution. Polypropylene construction,
Translucent. Slim and uses 1/2 the space.

Indestructible CD Cases
Durable Polypropylene case. 1~2 discs
with outer sleeve.
Unikeep CD Albums
10 t 30 discs worth of storage.
Polypropylene. Full outer sleeve.
Extra Sleeves Available.
CD/DVD security cases
1 or 2 discs capacity.
Require key dock to open case.
Librarian's Choice
CD Circulation holder &Tray system
Use transaction card to hold your CD
and keep up to 70CD card in one circulation tray
CD Browser Storage Packs
Compact solution. Requires
 little space. Safe for circulation and
circulation loans.
Multimedia Drawers
Rigid durable plastic. Holds up to 100
CDs/DVDs in pouches.
Librarian's Choices
Small CD DVD Display Bin
For small collection displays. Table top
displays or on-the-shelf display.

CD DVD Sleeve Pouches
Different materials pouches protect 
and store CD/DVD in small space
Circulation safe
CD DVD Care Product
Disc care kits, repair accessories
from basic to professional 
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